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As an integral part of the aviation community, we talk ‘pilot’. Because you are in command of the cockpit, we build your flight training solutions on your spec.

A great pilot is always learning. We are part of your journey.

The Mission

Our mission is to be our customers’ go-to designers and builders of world class mission-focused flight training solutions.

Advance the highest standards of aviation training

Providing safe and effective aviation training to be on par with international requirements, we consistently elevate your training programs to strengthen the formal credentials of your organization.

We deliver your flight training solution ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

With deep roots in the industry, we seek to provide the highest standard of training delivery for all our clients and learners. Our passion is to provide flight training that you need, to the high standard you deserve. ㅤㅤ


Modus Operandi

Flight Safety is about making good decisions in a timely manner. The significant predictors of manual flight being pilot understanding, pilot training, aviation passion and safety culture.

Pilot Understanding

Pilots’ understanding of the aircraft operating systems has the greatest influence over a pilot’s decision to manually fly. If pilots do not have a solid understanding of their aircraft, with both cognitive and physical skills, the added challenges of NextGen, where satellite-based systems will replace ground-based systems for air traffic management, may increase that level of instability with added distractions and increased workload. 

Pilot Training

Pilot training has the greatest influence over pilot understanding. Quality pilot training is a proactive safety strategy, which is dependent upon policy, risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

Aviation Passion

An aviation passion that is combined with the job of flying may create a harmonious passion that is both representative of job satisfaction and personal passion, creating increased work engagement. 

Safety Culture

Safety culture is the essence of the corporation’s culture in that behaviors, values, beliefs, and how the organization does business relative to safety and associated processes that include communication, reporting, flexibility, information sharing, and improvement strategies.  

Intro to EURAMEC


Our Value

While high levels of automation continues to improve Flight Management Systems (FMS), an in-depth understanding of aircraft systems and operations by the cockpit crew shall improve their operational performance. EURAMEC is deeply engaged and passionate to deliver advanced world-class flight training solutions.


Bert Buyle

Founder & CEO


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