Older Aircraft Can Be Upcycled To Train Flight Crews

Older Aircraft Can Be Upcycled To Train Flight Crews
06 February 2020

www.ainonline.com 06-feb-2020
Recycling older aircraft is one way for aviation to reduce its environmental footprint, and now flight training technology group Euramec (Chalet B23) has come up with a way to reuse Airbus A320s that boosts safety as well. The company has teamed with recycling specialist AeroCircular to convert older A320 cockpits and fuselages into training equipment.  “We reuse and upcycle entire A320 cockpits to provide new recruits and experienced pilots the genuine A320 series cockpit experience,” explained Euramec CEO Bert Buyle. “The electronics and the wiring are rebuilt by us to interface with the training models, ensuring an optimal flying experience at an acceptable cost per flying hour.”  Euramec’s Premier Flight Training range of products also includes recycled A320 fuselages to provide basic, type, and recurrent training for cabin crew. The recycled cockpits and cabins are used by Part 147 training providers approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.
The de-commissioned airliners are sourced and processed by Aerocircular, which guarantees to recycle 99 percent of the hardware using environmentally friendly techniques. The Belgium-based company is now starting new recycling operations in Dubai and the U.S. to expand its access to older aircraft. It shares income from the recycling process with aircraft owners and handles the responsible disposal of parts that cannot be reused.   Separately, Singapore training provider Aeroviation recently started using a new Diamond DA-20 simulator built by Euramec. The flight training device is used to prepare pilots with no previous flying experience.   Aeroviation trains would-be aviators as young as 7 years old and those aged over 15 as they obtain their recreational pilot certificate then progress to higher ratings. “The Diamond DA-20 is an excellent tool for students to transit smoothly to an actual aircraft and obtain their licenses in a short amount of time,” said company CEO Faris Iskandar.   The DA-20 flight training device features an enclosed cockpit with a 240-degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical view. “Diamond flight simulators are built with authentic Diamond aircraft parts, with real avionics, high-end visuals, and OEM flight models for safe flight training on your way to obtaining a private pilot’s license,” said Buyle.   Euramec also makes cockpit familiarization devices based on the Diamond DA-42, as well as for various Cessna models and for aircraft up to the size of the A320.

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