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Euramec was founded in 1991 in Belgium and was initially active in the sourcing and trading of printed circuit boards, displays and electronic components. The company worked for well- known telecommunications and automotive customers and was also involved in the production of particular devices.

After having established an office in Singapore, Euramec got involved in aviation in 1996 as the agent for Techspace Aero. Euramec won contracts with regards to the maintenance of F16 engines for the air forces of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The success in this activity led to more contacts in the aviation business, resulting in a complete shift towards flight simulation from 2010 onwards. The activities in electronics were moved into a sister company and Euramec started to focus on the development of flight training devices.

Euramec flight simulators
Euramec flight simulators

The group’s main software development takes place in the headquarters in Belgium, electro-mechanical and mechanical development is done in Portugal. The experienced R&D team also includes freelance developers who also have a pilot license. This way we combine expertise in software development with flying experience as an absolute advantage.

System integration and the production of most parts is done in-house. For highly specific parts, Euramec has developed reliable partners over the years. These suppliers are audited according to high industry standards to make sure they keep up with the requested quality level.

The Euramec group has a lean structure which makes us extremely flexible, efficient and fast to react to new trends and developments in the world of flight training.

Euramec locations

  • Euramec N.V. - Belgium (headquarters / electronics & software development)

  • Euramec (HK) Ltd. – Hong Kong (logistics and service)

  • Euramec Portugal Lda. – Portugal (development & production of mechanical parts)

  • Euramec China (sales office and local development)

Euramec flight simulators

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