About Us

Bert Buyle

Founder & CEO

Originally active in the electronics industry, the company developed strong relationships with the telecommunications industry and the automotive sector. In 1996, EURAMEC engaged with the Air Forces of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia to maintain their Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-200 engines, which proved the starting point of EURAMEC’s aerospace business.

Pieter-Jan Goossens

Director of R&D – Engineering

From the start with EURAMEC’s aerospace division, Pieter-Jan heads the team that creates and upgrades the range of Flight Training Devices for the GA, Commercial and Defense markets. Focused on delivering the highest level of Safety in Flight Training to customers, he is a forward-thinking team leader who runs on diligence, patience and passion.

Dirk Braem

TQM and Operations Manager

Dirk fulfilled the role of Head Program Management and RFQ Manager (Requests for Quotation) at Tier 1 aerospace OEM ASCO for 35 years before embarking on his new role at EURAMEC in 2019. He is as passionate on quality control as he is of everything that is lighter than air.

Eric Dauchy

Director of Communications

Eric is the founder and CEO of TCG. TCG, founded in 1998 now operates in over 30 countries to support companies and organizations with press relations, business matchmaking and executive networking events.