Market Spaces

General Aviation

As a member of the General Aviation community, EURAMEC delivers Flight Training Devices for most GA aircraft types, including Diamond, Cessna, Piper and other manufacturers.

Our systems are designed to cater for today’s and tomorrow’s training needs and as such comply with or exceed international certification standards.

Flight Simulation Solutions, spanning the world of single-engine piston aircraft to turboprops and business jets.  Flight Training Devices built-to-spec in accordance with the customers’ requirements, certification to EASA, FAA and to specific national standards, affordable acquisition and low operations costs.  Built to last a lifetime.

Commercial Aviation

EURAMEC thinks Green – we give a new lease of life to an original aircraft cockpit. A long-term arrangement with a global aircraft recycling company ensures you of a steady supply of decommissioned aircraft cockpits.

Adding our simulator know-how and you have the most cost-efficient and reliable training device at your fingertips.

Training devices built to answer your training needs with features that go beyond certification standards.  Upcycling program converts original cockpits into simulators. Certification to EASA, FAA and to specific national standards, affordable acquisition and low operations costs.


EURAMEC partners with the world’s leading defense contractors in dedicated OEM programs, deploying its deep engineering know-how as required by our customers.

We build training devices and the required supporting systems to handle full mission training.

EURAMEC’s Military Aircraft Flight and Crew Training Solutions start from equipment replicas all the way to full mission training devices. Systems are built-to-spec and provide highly competitive solutions thanks to Euramec’s cost-saving approach and application of technologies developed for its Commercial Aviation and General Aviation products.

Special Mission Training Solutions

Be Prepared. Train. Fly. Train Again.  At Euramec we think ahead of your flight training. Where you need multi-crew training, evidence-based training or prepare for special missions, with our global partners we are your Solution Provider.

Whichever mission you need to train for, EURAMEC can build the right training devices to achieve your goals. From ISR missions to specific military and civil  operations, our long-term partnerships guarantees you to the expertise you require.

Fulfilling a growing need for professional flight training of firefighting crews, EURAMEC teams up with firefighting specialists GeoSim of Australia to offer the Vulcan Aerial Firefighting Simulation in the EMEA region.