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Skywings Flight Training successfully operates first Euramec DA-42 FNPT-II simulator for more than two years

Skywings Flight Training successfully operates first Euramec DA-42 FNPT-II simulator for more than two years

03 July 2018

Skywings Flight Training announces the successful recertification of its Euramec DA-42 FNPT-II flight training device.

The DA-42 FNPT-II flight simulation offers a wide range of features such as a spectacular 240 degrees wrap around panoramic view, a simulated Garmin 1000 system prepped for WAAS/EGNOS LPV approaches and exact replicas of the cockpit using analog instruments.

Bert Buyle, CEO Euramec: “Euramec’s track record in electronics manufacturing and computing technologies originated in the 1990s, enabling the company to introduce new flight training devices at highly competitive acquisition and maintenance rates.

We don’t believe in generic training devices. Euramec will always build an exact replica of the cockpit to facilitate pilots’ training in the real world.”

“Our continuous focus on smart manufacturing helps customers to acquire a Euramec flight sim at a reasonable cost - operating in-house production equipment and a decades-long experience in manufacturing of high-end electronic products.”

Euramec recently won a three-way pitch for six flight training devices with CAFUC, the largest civil aviation university in Asia, based in Guanghan, Sichuan, China through the cooperation with partner Wright Brothers (Harbin).

Skywings Flight Training is based in Antwerp, Belgium. With an exclusive team of instructors with airliner background, the company recently introduced their Airline Pilot Program to address the needs of airlines to improve the screening and training quality of new First Officers.

Hans Engels, Account Manager/CFI Skywings: “Quality over quantity” being our motto, setting the bar high at initial candidate screening is beneficial for airlines and pilots alike. We only continue flight training with those candidates who have the right skillset.”

“The Euramec FNPT-II flight training device as part of Skywings’ After Care Program helps pilots maintain their flying skills after finishing their training program, and be ready for job applications and skill tests, at affordable cost.”

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