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Strong commercial outlook propel new Euramec global strategy

Strong commercial outlook propel new Euramec global strategy

03 December 2018

Strong commercial outlook propel new Euramec global strategy

European Flight Simulation company outlines vision 2020


Hamme, Belgium, Hangzhou, China, Porto, Portugal, Dec 3, 2018 – Euramec, the European flight simulation manufacturer, outlined their ambitious Vision 2020 to align the company with its strong business outlook.


Bert Buyle, CEO: “Euramec aims to be a high-performance organization that operates as an empowered network. We want to be known for speed, agility and adaptability.”


“The Euramec customer always comes first – to reinforce our vision toward our suppliers, our customers, our staff we need to have the right infrastructure in place. We have a great company spirit and I want to share that with the aerospace industry.”


Euramec NV will continue to develop advanced Flight Training Devices for the global markets from the head office in Belgium. The company structure however is being adjusted to reflect the needs of customers and improve on Euramec’s passion for being first time right.


Euramec NV

Euramec NV will be operating with local subsidiaries in the following regions:

  • Euramec Portugal: Mechanical Design and Flight Sim Production
  • Hangzhou Euramec Aviation Technologies (HEAT): China-oriented R&D, Sales & Support division
  • Euramec India: new sales and maintenance subsidiary to be based in Bangalore
  • Euramec North America: support sales and maintenance operations to serve the North American flight simulation market

Euramec Technologies becomes distributor of world-class aerospace services

Euramec Technologies is a distributor of aviation-related products and services outside the flight sim space. This includes aircraft cleaning chemicals, accessories, aerospace software solutions; i.e. the recent partnership with Europe’s Skylegs to launch a China-centric edition of its flying school management solution.

Euramec Technologies will also offer much-sought after training modules such as “English Proficiency for Aviation” in selected countries.

This company also continues to act as a European distributor of PCBs for high-end applications in 5G, IoT, specializing in high-frequency special materials. Euramec Technologies will continue to partner with Shenzhen-based Hoiho PCB manufacturer as its main solution provider.


Third-party license holding

Euramec (HK) Co, Ltd. is a joint venture with Amer Sayed, a UK-based financier in aerospace business projects. This joint venture will manage all Euramec Third-Party license business agreements.

Bert Buyle: “We are rolling out this new company structure as part of our long-term focus on making Euramec the premier flight simulation partner for flying schools around the world.”


About Euramec

Euramec designs and manufactures professional pilot training devices and simulator parts. The Euramec line of aerospace solutions include basic training aids for cockpit familiarisation all the way to EASA- and CAAC-certified fully functional glass cockpit solutions for A320 and B737, as well as customized real-time flight motion simulation.

Euramec builds flight simulators and delivers integrated services to commercial flight training centers, military and government agencies as well as private flying schools - providing a turnkey high-fidelity flight simulation solution to customers worldwide.

Euramec is based in Belgium with sales offices in Europe, Shanghai, Harbin, Hong Kong and Singapore.

For Media enquiries, please contact Eric Dauchy, The Constellation Group, or +32 498 513 077.

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