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Custom products

Euramec also designs custom products according to the customer’s specifications. This can be for complete flight training devices or for itemized instruments. We are capable of both software and hardware development, where the availability of rapid prototyping equipment is a great help.

Development of custom products can be done for both civil and military aviation and comprises fixed-wing as well as rotary-wing devices. We are also active in the field of business aviation next to general aviation and commercial aviation.

Custom products - Euramec - flight simulators - Flight training devices (FTD)
Custom products - Euramec - flight simulators - Flight training devices (FTD)

We build systems for every type of aircraft, without restriction. The possibilities include, and are not limited to:

  • Replicas of instruments and systems
  • Replicas of full cockpits, flight controls, seats, etc.
  • Generic simulators with configurable instruments for research and training
  • Devices with the capability to be linked to other simulation systems or real aircraft systems
  • Product demonstrators

Our approach

  • Full analysis of the customer’s requirements, standards to be complied with, compatibility requirements.
  • Definition of the specific requirements and needs, as well as possible certifications.
  • Mechanical and electro-mechanical development is usually done in Portugal. With rapid prototyping we can test the concepts as quickly as possible.
  • Software development and integration management is done in Belgium.
  • Specific parts will be produced in cooperation with carefully selected suppliers.
  • Final assembly and integration either in Belgium or Portugal depending on project complexity and end-customer.
Custom products - Euramec - flight simulators - Flight training devices (FTD)

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